I bless the rains down in Africa…

Or how you can find the best examples of Storytelling everywhere

Use this advice:

“Africa” by TOTO has become one of the best songs ever made. Why? Because it reveals a story so interesting and irresistible that became a legend. Of course, the song has music that literally grabs you by the waist and makes you dance, but the inspiration that comes from the lyrics is an additional catalyst of imagination.

David Paich has made something, that we would call – amazing branding and fantastic marketing trick. Why? Because he constructed the perfect product – a melody so catchy and lyrics so adorable, that make it sell by itself. None of the less they made a video so powerful and interesting that also became legendary. So you have a product with the best possible features for all time.

But how? The answer is:

With a story!

In this case about the continent that is famous with poverty and vulnerable societies. But there is another side, too – the beauty and richness of nature.

Well isn`t that exactly like all our beginnings and entrepreneurship – often poor and vulnerable, but at the same time rich and full of beautiful ideas and concepts?

So as a storyteller, I would like to encourage you to find your Africa (this could be your craft/brand/idea/product or service) and write it as best as you can to make it legendary.

If you`re in the beginning, and you want to help yourself, try to answer these questions:

  1. Who needs my (idea/brand/story)
  2. Why he needs it?
  3. What (situations/problems) can I solve for him?
  4. Why I`m sharing it?
  5. How I`m planning to do it/share it?
  6. When? or For how long?

If you`re new in storytelling, but it`s pumping in your veins and you really want to tell your story, try out these tips:

  1. Share your basic daytime – how you spend your day, what do you do and why.
  2. Share the points of your struggling – don`t forget – everyone has a lot to share about struggling, so it`s easy to find people with similar interest when it comes to solving problems.
  3. Describe your vision or strategy – this is a powerful and helpful technique in storytelling because it leads to subscribers, followers, friends, and knowledge (they can often offer you a solution, that will provide you another point of view) which is great!


keep calm and tell your story,

a lot of people out there actually need it!

Best regards

P.S. Hey, and don`t forget to try out some of the tips and leave me a comment or write me through the contact section of this site. If you need any help ArtSoulutions is ready to provide it. See ya.

I bless the rains down in Africa

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