6 tips in storytelling you can use to stand out… like Bill Gates…

How will you react if I tell you that you share at least 6 stories a day? And if you connect with your audience or clients this way, you can earn A LOT.

Yes! From the moment you get in the car and go riding to your office, you exchange so much information that literally can be used to run a multimillion dollar company. How is that possible? Well, only the feelings you get while moving through space can reveal amazing stories, that you can tell your friends, colleagues or customers. And it`s that easy!

We have to learn to think about the situations as something important or interesting, as it actually is. And find the “amazing” in the “ordinary”.

Now, storytelling is so much involved in our everyday lives, that we practically do not detect it as a special kind of connecting between each-other. You can find a lot of examples by yourself, just think about it. And it`s very easy to be implemented in every marketing strategy for literally every business you run.

Strait to the point:

Let`s take for example this video where Bill Gates shares 6 moments of his life and career. In time, he didn`t think about them as some kind of special stories, but from the perspective “in nowadays” – THIS IS HUGE! (Special thanks to WIRED about this video).

If we break it down, as Bill Gates does, we`re going to find out:

  1. First steps in high-school – challenges and early moves;
  2. First steps in friendship and work with Paul Allen;
  3. First steps in the industry – the creation of Microsoft;
  4. First “excitement” strategies of the marketing team – Windows 95 – the greatest milestone of the company;
  5. First vacation in Serengeti – yep, even the best take five from time to time, so don`t skip the minutes to take a rest.
  6. First meeting becoming a lifetime friendship… with Warren Buffett – how exciting this is?

Yes, not everyone is Bill Gates and not everyone can meet Warren Buffet, but aren`t these 6 stories familiar to you?

And if they are, how well can you tell yours?

So I challenge you to take action!

Based on the stories you see in this video, can you write down the equivalents from your life and work? Of course, you can! Do it, and share it, it`s so easy. You can make a small video, write a blog or facebook post about it, whatever you want, however you feel it. Just don`t stop telling your story. A lot of people want to hear it. Believe me, I know.

And don`t forget to write me about the reactions of your audience. How engaging was this experience to your customers? How did you feel telling your story? How

Looking forward to hearing from you.

6 tips in storytelling you can use to stand out… like Bill Gates…

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