5 Crucial storytelling techniques for your Brand

There`s a striking difference (when you have something to tell) between saying and not saying it. What are you waiting for? If you don`t speak now, someone else will do it. How many times happened the situation when you have a great idea, you doubt it`s gonna come true, and a few months after – someone else has accomplished it?

Yep, in nowadays people and companies are still selling “what” instead of “why”. Not like “what” is not important – it is, but “why” should we buy your product is the answer we`re going to take when buying. Isn`t that so?

And if you believe it is, check out these simple, but outstanding techniques in storytelling, that may become crucial in your behavior against your competition, or engaging your customers.

We`ll try to be as short as possible:

1. If you haven’t heard about Simon Sinek`s “Start with why”, I really suggest you listen very carefully what this clever guy is saying. This is probably one of the best speeches in our century (well, by now), breaking down the best practices of the company`s market presence, leadership and more. You can find books, videos and other stuff about this article if you`re interested.

2. Why is important for storytelling to have a good leader on board? Because every time a good leader tells a story everybody is engaged, enlightened, moved and excited. When a bad leader tells a story – everybody`s conscience is frequently saying “NO! NO! NO!” – because they don`t have a trust in the leader. No trust in the leader – no trust in the company`s values, no trust in the company… etc.

3. How to make your brand become an influencer? Yes, of course, it`s possible. You don’t have to be NIKE to push others to “Just do it”, you can do it, toо. Behind every brand there are people, and it`s very important if these people are not afraid to be CREATIVE and CREATE trends, not following trends. Charles Bukowski said:

“The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”

So we say to you:

“Stop being smart enough to fail, and be stupid enough to believe you CAN!”

4. Find the best storytelling about your business, niche, company or brand and use it well. Sometimes it`s not that easy, but if you ask your audience you`ll get there pretty fast. Ones you hit the flow, just keep up the good work, and you will become a successful surfer on the waves of your dreams come reality. Storytelling is about you, your success, your struggle, your help to others. People want to know more about it – sell “why” not “what”, remember? You came all that way to be what you are, that`s why you do what you do. Think like that, and you`ll succeed.

5. Once and for all stop thinking of how BIG you should be, and delude yourself with the illusion that you need to have million years of experience, to tell a good story of your brand. NOPE. This part here is for the beginners. Have you made a buying persona profile, a marketing research, plans, strategies and evaluating? Well done. Now, the best thing you can do is to start asking your buying persona some questions, like – “We`re working on “this” and “that”, how do you like it? Will you buy it this way? Do feel satisfied with it? Would you like to give it a try?” or “What else you may need”, “Will you give us an idea of your thoughts about it?”, etc. People will engage so much with you, you won`t believe. This is a very strong practice, especially for startups and new ones on the business field. Use it. It will give you answers. Based on this answers you can:

  • improve your product or service;
  • start building strong communications;
  • create moving storytelling;
  • generate leads;
  • collect email list;
  • engage your first customers;
  • spread easier through social media platforms;
  • why not engage some powerful influencers, or becoming one from the early beginning?

At the end:

Listen to your heart, and not so much your brain.

The heart is for the people, the brain is for the money.

The money will come, follow your dreams.

So dear friends, how do you like this article about Crucial storytelling techniques for your Brand? Have you tried some of them? What was the reaction of your customers? Let us know in the comments below, and if you need to know something else, please contact us.

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5 Crucial storytelling techniques for your Brand

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