Storytelling for marketing is like money for budget. But… why?

Stories are not widgets, they are not exact, neither the marketing is.

Every business needs a special way to connect with his partners and customers in order to stay on top, and it`s always different and original.

But how will you define the best marketing? Easy – the best marketing is the one that places your brand on the market in the best possible way, which means you make sales. Then you make more sales. Then you expand your marketing plan, your business, and make more sales. But this is because you have a great marketing.

What happens if you have a great marketing, great team, great vision, great business plan, but not enough sales? You start to think “something is wrong”. Perhaps somebody is not doing his job or someone is trying to steal something from you. You make an investigation within the company, everything seems to be fine, everybody`s motivated, the marketing manager has fresh ideas, the business development team is top of the line, but something is still missing… customers are not buying enough. Why?

You make marketing research. Ask your customers. They are motivated. They want to buy.

You make competition research. You`re stronger and better than anyone on the field.

You start asking yourself “Where did I go wrong? Am I the problem?”. No, everything is fine, everybody loves you. They want to work for you. But there are not enough sales. What`s going on?

What in the name of all leaving creatures is wrong then? Even the customers WANT to buy, but they are not doing it. Why? WHY? WHHHHYYYYYY?

Well that`s the answer >>> WHY <<<

Then people like us are coming to help and reveal the truth, and help you increase your sales… or brand awareness.

Ask yourself this question (because every one of us is customer one way or another) – What is the single thought running through your mind before you make the decision to buy?

And the answer is simple – Why? Why should I do it? Why should I buy this from THEM?

The customer is constantly asking himself – why should I buy from YOU?

And now people like us are really needed. Why? Because our core value is to make your brand stand out in the best possible way. And now you ask yourself “why should I need you or your storytelling techniques to gain more sales?” And the answer is simple – because people need to hear from you your story. Their consumer’s heart is ready to open, you just need the key and the key is your beautiful story. Stop selling “what”, sell them “why”. Why are you here? Why are you struggling on this road, on this market? Why you have core values? Why you are what you are? Why you became what you are today? Why you choose this way every single day? Why you get up? Why you go to sleep? Why? Why? Why?

Customers are KIDS! We are all just a grown-up kinds, constantly asking WHY? WHY? WHY? And we don`t BUY if we don`t know WHY.

It`s the same with you. It`s the same with me. It`s the same with your 88 weird old neighbors…

Hope you like this article.

If you do – choose ArtSoulutions and tell your story.

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Storytelling for marketing is like money for budget

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