Don’t forget me…

Based on the recent ​marketing activity in the whole world, I think it`s very important to say that we need originality more than ever!

WE  need.

Not they. We do.

Because every time we make marketing research, and we see that competition is not that good, we say “Great, we own the top!”. But do we? Staying on top means only staying original all the time.

How can you stay original as a brand?

You gonna need a “freshmaker”! No, not this old commercial of Mentos, no. You`re going to have a fresh idea, every time you need to say the people: “Hey, my stuff is here, and it is better than ever!” – like it used to be. And staying original is not only having a secret spice that nobody knows. It`s being productive all the time, as good as possible.

A new era is coming. Wealthy people are not that much, in fact, they are a few. Which is great. Because:

Staying original is staying close to the weak ones.

Yep. Here`s a new prediction for the marketing quality of the world`s business. If you target those who want to feel strong, but don`t feel strong enough or literally feel weak – then you`re going to solve more problems to more people/companies than any other competitor on the field.

Try it before others do.



P.S. Don`t forget me… (says the originality)




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